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The concept of getting 100% human hair for false eyelashes, wigs, and hair extensions is to provide the real thing which feels real, looks real, and acts real, of which synthetic hairs do not have those qualities and that they do not also last long since they are made of poor quality.


Using human hair for false eyelashes, the feel is much lighter and delicate, such that when you brush your fingers up against the length of the hair, it feels feathery and soft to the touch with less of that glossy sheen that is characteristic of synthetic eyelashes. In addition, the band that brings the lashes together is more pliable in human hair false eyelashes and can easily bend to fit any particular eye shape. On the other hand, synthetic eyelashes have stiffer hairs, which make it difficult to curl the hair, and also stiffer, as well as thicker bands. There are, however, some exceptions, depending on the person's sense of beauty and purpose. The stiff bands of synthetic eyelashes can create more crease than what the human hair can do, most especially attractive in a crease-less Asian pair of eyes. For better results, check out nuviante


So, whether it is using a human hair or synthetic hair false eyelashes, the choice is yours. But it cannot be denied that a lot of women, nowadays, are into wearing false eyelashes. The reasons are obvious and they make sense. First, they're perfect to wear during grand events, such as weddings, special occasions, allowing for a beautiful, made up pair of eyes, which is enhanced by wearing false eyelashes. Second, false eyelashes come in either human hair or synthetic, which gives you the option to choose according to your budget. Third, much as they were created for eyes enhancement, wearing false eyelashes as a part of a make-up component may actually strengthen and grow your real eyelashes. Using it as an alternative for eye mascara can protect your real eyelashes, since mascara has chemical components that can make your real eyelashes brittle when you wear it for long periods of time. Fourth, there are new innovations in false eyelashes wear, such as the eyelash extensions, which can be worn instead of the whole band of the false eyelash. By singly adding eyelash extensions, the impact looks more natural and full, since the placement uses the correct weight and correct length, which is about 1 mm from your skin, so there is no contact with your lids or skin. On top of that the adhesive is undetectable and of medical grade. Check out nuviante eyelash enhancer reviews online to know more and get started. 


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